Friday, June 04, 2004

My Room

My favorite room is not just a room , its a sanctuary for myself. Its where i go to , to when i need to blott out my surroundings and to listen to whats in my mind.
Its a place to rest my mind and my soul in solitute.To escape the world around me.
At other times its also a place to share with friends, to listen to thier thoughts to thier feelings and someitmes to just share silence with them.
Physically its a nice big room, with windows lettign in light filtered by the trees on one side and a glass dooor opening into an enclosed patio at the other end, with a fountain letting in the soft sound of water.
The room is in soothing shades of sand , with colourfull cushions and prints depicting egyption life. There are tall white candles and very soft lights .
Its a room that soothes and wellcomes and encourages to go out into the world refreshed .